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header-clitheroe castleWhen it comes to buying a house it is, arguably, the biggest, toughest and in most cases largest financial commitment anyone can make. With so much at stake making the right decision is incredibly important, therefore it is vital you have an expert complete a thorough property survey and here at Pallisters we are a well-known property surveyors Clitheroe with over 30 years in the industry.

At first a house survey may seem like a pointless added extra, but believe me paying a few hundred quid could potentially save you thousands in the long run!

detailed inspections graphicDetailed Inspections

Inspecting each house, brick by brick we complete a thorough property survey leaving no leaf or floorboard unturned.

As a leading property surveyors in Clitheroe we spend several hours examining the inside and outside of each property. And unlike your mortgage lender’s we’ll produce a detailed report presenting all our findings no matter how big or small.

detailed reports graphicDetailed Reports

Putting 100% effort into every report we produce reports that are unique to the property in question and unlike our competitors we don’t use generic, stock phrases taken from a computer database.

We highlight every issue with the property in question, which, in some cases, has led to buyers negotiating a lower price due to major work being required.

Personalising each report we present all our findings at a time and in a location that best suits your requirements. Giving you our ultimate attention you can discuss any issues with us and we’ll always be on hand to offer expert advice!

wealth of knowledge graphicProperty Surveyors Clitheroe with a Wealth of Knowledge

As leading property surveyors Clitheroe we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We have over 40 years continuous experience working in residential property and know everything there is to know about Clitheroe, the Ribble Valley and its surrounding areas.

So if you want to discuss your requirements with leading property surveyors Clitheroe then contact us or give Pallisters a call on 01200 425697 and our team of experts will happily discuss your issues with your further.

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