Residential Property Management

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Managing properties is a job you’d rather not have when you’ve got other business decisions to make or a new life to live. John Pallister takes away the strain with an individual house or residential estate management, which includes budgeting and account holding duties.

Our skills in residential property management, connections with tradespeople and builders combined with honest advice and focussed efforts have been successful for over 40 years.

What is Residential Property Management?

Property management is where an investor or building owner pays an experienced company to take control of the general oversight and maintenance of a single property or a portfolio of properties or real estate.

Acquiring properties can be overwhelming for investors, especially if you find yourself doing unwanted tasks and general repairs while putting crucial jobs on the backburner.

Likewise, if you’re moving house and renting out your old home, you may not want the hassle of dealing with the new tenant’s requirements. While some liaison is necessary, we can handle the majority of requests without contacting you.

What Can John Pallister Offer?

residential property management

Here are some of the services we offer as part of our residential property management packages:

Collecting and Settling Rent

An essential part of property management is making sure tenants pay rent on time, to ensure investors can make profits without any hassle and single property holders aren’t chasing payments they’re using to pay off their mortgage.

Interviewing & Vetting Tenants

You want the peace of mind that you’re getting tenants that will pay on time and don’t damage the property. We’ll do our best to ensure you get the right tenants. We can get references from previous landlords, perform affordability checks and ask for a guarantor if you need one.

As well as the above we can:

  • Market the property to prospective tenants.
  • Manage the move-in process.
  • Carry out inspections and manage repairs.
  • Assess the property and set the rent.

Why Use John Pallister?

Above all, when you look for a residential property management company, you need the assurance that they have two things in placeā€”the process and systems to deal with tenants requirements and the workforce to carry them out. At John Pallister, you won’t find any unanswered emails in our inboxes; and we work with experienced tradesmen, not the local handyman.

  • Save yourself time. It’s precious, so don’t waste it doing something you don’t want to do.
  • Work with a devoted company. John Pallister isn’t like big property management companies. We devote our full attention, so you always receive a spectacular service.
  • Get honest advice. We won’t dilute our information, it’s better to be straightforward, and our clients appreciate our approach.

Furthermore, we also offer agricultural land management services.

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