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Our clients are dealt with in person, issues are fully explained, phone calls are returned and clients’ interests are responsibly followed through. Total honesty can be relied upon and our clients’ concerns become our duty.John Pallister


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John Pallister
The Coach House, 28 Duck St, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1LP

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Using Pallisters for land and property management

When it comes to the proper management of land and property, you can’t take any chances. A number of pitfalls can be faced when dealing with matters of the estate; from untrustworthy agents to troublesome tenants. Finding the right firm to deal with your needs should be your number one priority.

Using Pallisters for land and property management

Strict codes of conduct

What makes a good company when it comes to residential and agricultural property management? Well, somewhere that protects your money and property, has strict codes of conduct, and a deep respect towards their customers. That sounds like John Pallister.

At John Pallisters we have devoted years of our time to building up a successful and quality-driven firm – a company that uses decades of experience in the field to deliver professional, personal and timely results in all matters regarding land and property management.

Strict codes of conduct

However, a long track record of proven service is just one of the many reasons why John Pallisters is the ideal company to provide you with advice or management regarding property and land, as we are also affiliated with the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS). This just goes to show how driven we are about bringing value to their customers.

Personal and realistic advice

Throughout the Clitheroe, Skipton, and East Lancashire areas, we often find our  next customers via exemplary word-of-mouth reviews and glowing recommendations. This ‘low profile’ is entirely intentional, as our goal has always been to provide personal and realistic advice and management in an intimate and friendly way. This is a more engaging and fruitful professional relationship, seeking to concentrate on the needs of a few regular and trusted clients, rather than being spread too thin and not providing the correct level of service.

Personal and realistic advice

As chartered surveyors, we consider ourselves to have a deep responsibility towards our customer and follow a rigid code of conduct in all of their activities. This professionalism, combined with a solid customer relationship, is a winning formula – and makes John Pallister one of the most trustworthy firms when it comes to handling your property or land.

All needs can be taken care of, from agricultural to residential property, as the vast amount of experience John Pallister has in the field has meant they have a large network of contacts from tradesman to builders. Meaning all demands can be met.

Choosing the right firm for you is a monumental decision. However, considering the pedigree and ease-of-use when it comes to our services, you won’t have a hard time picking us for your land and property management.

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