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Why use Pallisters for your next property survey?

What is a Property Survey & is it Worth Having One?

Buying a house is one of the biggest, most challenging and most extensive financial commitments anyone can make. With so much at stake, making the right choice is vital. A property survey can help you decide whether to buy the property you’ve got your eye on.

And with so much information going around your mind during the process, it can be challenging to determine what you need and what you don’t need.

At the least, you’ll need a mortgage valuation. A mortgage valuation will determine how much the property is worth and prove that you can afford to buy the house.

A homebuyer survey is a more detailed look at a property to determine any problems or future problems that you may encounter when you buy the property.

Note: there are many variations of the word property survey which we may use interchangeably; such as property survey, house survey, home survey and homebuyer report.


What is a Property Survey?

What is a Property Survey?

A property survey is a detailed report on the condition of a property. As well as noting any issues, it will also provide advice on the seriousness of these issues and guide how best to solve them.

Also, it provides a current valuation of the property and an estimated repair/rebuilding cost. As such, many people choose to have a property survey taken before buying a property, to ensure that they have all the information available before committing themselves to such a large sale.

Property surveys are an excellent way to avoid any expensive surprises and unexpected repair costs further down the line. Nobody wants to invest thousands of pounds in a house that’s falling apart!

Getting a survey for a home or flat will help you to work out exactly how much you may need to invest in a property after you buy it. Thus, you must do your homework before making your final decision. A survey is a perfect way to find out the condition and any hidden problems with a property.

Property Survey Sample


What Are the Different Types of Property Survey?

What Are the Different Types of Property Survey?

There are five types of survey, and you’re always best picking the survey that suits your needs and the size, type and state of the property. If you have serious concerns about the condition of the property, choose the survey with the most depth.

1. RICs condition report – provides you with information about any risks, defects or legal issues, but no advice or valuation.

2. RICs homebuyer report – suitable for properties in reasonable condition, the homebuyers report looks at the above as well as any structural issues, and the inside and outside of the property. However, the surveyor won’t look beyond the walls or floorboards.

3. RICs building survey – ideal for older or larger properties that may need a lot of work. Contains an in-depth analysis of the potential defects, repairs and maintenance required to keep the house in good condition, plus advice for fixing any issues.

4. A building or full structural survey – ideal for any home, but particularly those where serious issues are visible. The analysis will contain a lot more information than any of the other surveys and provides detailed advice on any repairs.

5. Snagging survey – specifically for new homes, a snagging survey detects any issues before you move in, and the house building organisation has to fix them before you move in.


How Much is a Property Survey?

Surveyor charges will be agreed before commencement where possible – this is due to the complex and individual nature of each property concerned. Please speak to our team about getting the right survey. We provide honest advice and won’t try to upsell you a survey for the sake of making more money.


How Long Does a Property Survey Take?

how long does a property survey take

Our residential property surveyors spend at least three to four hours surveying the property to uncover potentially urgent and significant issues you will need to consider. In-depth yield better results, and with such a big commitment, the details matter.


Is it Worth Having a Property Survey?

Here are a few things you need to know about surveys. So that you can use them efficiently and effectively, helping you to choose the right property.


1. Reports Are Based on What the Surveyor Can See

Reports Are Based on What the Surveyor Can See

All surveys are based on what can be seen throughout the property. These are incredibly detailed and can provide excellent information, including details of cracks, damp and rotten wood. However, these surveys will not tell you anything about areas which cannot be accessed. Don’t rely on a survey to give you information about what is under the floorboards or the foundations of the property.

2. Property Surveys May Cause a Seller to Reduce Their Price

Property Surveys May Cause a Seller to Reduce Their Price

If you have a property survey undertaken on a property which reveals some severe faults, especially electrical issues or problems with the roof, then all of this information will be passed onto the seller. It means that you are now in an excellent position to offer a lower price for the property since the property is not quite as good as it initially looks and will require money for repairs.

Buyers may also insist that certain areas of the work be carried out before they buy the property by the vendor. This reduces the amount of work they have to put into the property once the purchase is complete.

3. The Survey Isn’t a Commitment to Purchase

If you choose to commission a survey, it does not mean you are committed. A survey is used to provide you with more information about the property before you move forward in the purchase. As such, if the survey details too many problems for your liking or suggests a cost of repairs that are significantly higher than expected, you are perfectly entitled to walk away from the deal. Buying a property is a significant purchase. Property surveys will help you work out if a specific property is right for your needs.


Why Use Pallisters?

Why Use Pallisters?

Unlike your mortgage lender’s valuation, we offer a thorough inspection. After several hours surveying the house, we’ll produce a detailed report presenting all our findings no matter how big or small. Our analysis will clearly show the boundaries of the property and provide you with a detailed property description.

If you’re planning to buy a property or a plot of land, then obtaining an up-to-date survey is essential. At first, a house survey may seem like a pointless added extra. But paying £300 – £400 could potentially save you thousands in the long run. It could even help you negotiate money off the asking price if any significant work is required.

We’re also regulated by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICs). So you know you’re getting a survey that’s approved by the highest regulatory body in the UK.


40 Years of Experience

If you’re looking for a surveyor with a wealth of knowledge and experience, look no further. We have 40 years of experience in residential property surveys, and we are pretty sure you’ll find that difficult to beat.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and that’s the case with us here at Pallisters. Although we may cost a little more than our competitors, our service is second to none, and we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service.


Detailed, Personalised Reports

Unlike our competitors, we produce detailed reports that are unique to the property in question. We highlight urgent and significant issues and present them to you at a time and place that best suits your requirements.

At Pallisters, it’s all about quality, which is why we take hours producing our reports. We stay clear of any generic, stock phrases taken from a computer database and personalise them to suit your needs.


Extensive Knowledge of the Lancashire Area

Extensive Knowledge of the Lancashire Area

With bags of experience, we have a great understanding of the local area. So whether you’re new to the Lancashire area or live locally, your experience with us will be excellent.


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